Furnace Repair

Cooler weather is moving in to the Forney area and homeowners are beginning to use their furnace heaters. If you haven’t followed our Fall HVAC Tips or Changed out your Air Filter, now is a great time to do so.

Heaters and Furnaces are part of your entire HVAC system. They require maintenance and repair just like your A/C unit does. The time to have your furnace maintenance or checked is before you start using it on a regular basis.

Right now we still have fairly warm temperatures during the day in Forney, for example today we’ll be in the 60’s. But colder temperatures are near and most homes will use their heater throughout the entire day very shortly.

As a reminder maintaining your furnace helps it operate more efficiently and therefore saves you money on your energy bills. A smooth running system has to work less and less work means less electricity being consumed.

AC Furnace Repair Service in Forney, Rockwall, Heath, Rowlett, Sunnyvale, Garland, Crandall, Heartland, Talty, and other surrounding cities!If you furnace is in need of repair, we offer those services as well. You’ll decide it is time to run the heat in the house only to find out the heat doesn’t come on. Or that the heat isn’t blowing hot enough air.

In this case you may be in need of a repair on your HVAC system. If your unit is over ten years old, it might be time for a new furnace. The lifespan of a HVAC system or a furnace comes down to how well it was taken care of and how often it was in use.

If you didn’t change the oil in your car for a long time, eventually the engine is going to give out…much faster than it would if you had your oil changed regularly as suggested by your manufacturer.

Contact us today with any of your furnace repair or maintenance needs.

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